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National Geographic Magazine - October 2017 Issue


How Jane Goodall Changed What We Know About Chimps

Newly revealed images shed light on her research breakthroughs, how she became famous, and the photographer she loved.

Other features include:


The World's Most Improbable Green City
A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in the...


Should We Kill Animals to Save Them?
Trophy hunting fees help fund conservation. Critics say the benefits are exaggerated and....


Without a Home, and Without Hope
Rohingyas have fled violent repression in Buddhist Myanmar for generations. In...


They Migrate 800 Miles a Year. Now It’s Getting Tougher.
The Nenets, reindeer herders in Russia’s Arctic, face modern obstacles in their long...


In This Housing Project, Every Floor Is a Stage
Each weekend, apartment hallways in Manila’s Tondo district teem with life, hope...

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